DLT Table Series

The DLT Tables by Space Caviar are a tribute to the return of timber in architecture. They are a series of single-material furniture pieces that use no glue, screws or fasteners, exalting the aesthetic and structural qualities of pure wood. They play on the chromatic contrast between hardwood dowels and softwood lumber which gives each tabletop a unique surface pattern.

Cedar/Cedar DLT with conical legs
Walnut/Beech DLT with cylindrical legs
Beech/Walnut DLT with conical legs

The Lumber Revolution in Architecture

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a building material widely used in architecture. It consists of large-scale wood panels made by gluing together at least three layers of solid-sawn lumber. Thanks to the perpendicular orientation of its layers, CLT is extraordinarily strong, and is suitable for structural use. As the backlash against the enormous environmental impact of concrete grows, CLT is becoming one of the popular and widely used materials in contemporary architecture.

DLT (Dowel-Laminated Timber) is an even more environmentally friendly version of CLT. Instead of glue, which usually consists of petroleum- based polymers, it uses wooden dowels to laminate lumber boards together into panels that can reach up to 18m in length. The result is an extraordinarily robust structural slab of solid timber which uses no fasteners or structural binders such as glue.

A DLT (Dowel-Laminated Timber) block
A CLT construction site
The kit of parts designed to manufacture the table
Each table has a custom set of components

The tables are currently made in two different types - a circular one and an oblong one. They are both available in a range of various wood material combinations, including walnut, beech, mahogany and more.

242 cm x 242 cm
60 wooden planks, 312 dowels
beech, mahogany, walnut
396 cm x 96 cm
49 wooden planks, 242 dowels
beech, mahogany, walnut  (additional materials available, inquire below)
The tables are available in a variety of wood finishes

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